And finally: Apple's VR plans and more

A roundup of the murmurs and whispers from the last week in wearables
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Welcome to And finally, our roundup of all the whispers, rumours and more spurious stories of the week in wearable and connected tech.

With a busy week of IFA now coming to an end, you might have missed some of the less noisy announcement and going-ons; but don't worry, that's why we're here...

Apple VR rears its head again

And finally: Apple's VR plans and more

We're not holding our breath for any virtual reality announcements during Apple's iPhone 7 (and hopefully Apple Watch 2) press conference next week, but the company is clearly eyeing the space with great consideration.

The evidence? Another patent was spotted by the team at UploadVR this week, detailing a headset that would work with an iPhone, similarly to the way Samsung's phones work with the Gear VR.

The illustration shows a gadget shaped like a pair of glasses, but don't assume that any Apple VR headset - should it ever see the light of day - will end up looking like that.

So when might Apple make its grand entry into VR? Sure, if it's a Gear VR-esque device powered by the iPhone, we could see something as soon as next week, but something tells us Apple's going to be working away on VR for a while longer before it shows anything. Until then, we've plenty of other VR headsets to be playing with.

Bragi is bragging about something, but what?

And finally: Apple's VR plans and more

Speaking of Apple, we can't help but wonder if Bragi will have something to do with next week's announcements. Just after Apple sent out invites for its 7 September event, wireless headphone maker Bragi announced it had big news coming the same week, on 5 September.

That's according to the folks at 9to5Mac who speculate that the choice of location for Bragi's announcement could be telling: Cupertino, home of Apple HQ. Coincidence, or a conspiracy of unprecedented scale?

All expectations right now are that Apple is killing the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, which means headphone manufacturers are going to have to offer Lightning port support or ensure they're Bluetooth-ready - unless you want to be fiddling around with an adapter.

Could a partnership be on the cards? Quite possibly, although announcing two days before Apple would mean Bragi wouldn't be able to say much. An acquisition? Also possible, but we'd have thought Apple would be the one to make the announcement there. Or maybe it's nothing to do with Apple at all. Whatever the case, we'll be watching closely.

Socket's wearable tech helps you improve your football skills

And finally: Apple's VR plans and more

Sockit, a US-based company focused on football (or soccer to you Americans), has announced a new wearable designed to help players improve their skills.

The Sockit, as it's officially titled, is a small device that slips onto cleats and will then use lights to indicate how good/bad your kicks are. Six LEDs cover the face of The Sockit, which has a one-size-fits-all design - so long as you're within the 5-12-years-old age range. Adults: sorry, but you'll just have to accept the fact you'll never go pro.

What's nice is that Sockit is donating a portion of its revenue to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. If you want a Sockit, you can get one for $19.95 on the website if you're in the US.

PSVR marks the return of PlayStation Move

And finally: Apple's VR plans and more

Yup, PlayStation Move is back, baby. We knew it was inevitable given how prominent the controllers have been on the PSVR demos so far, and while Move might not have hit a Wiimote-level of success in the PS3 days, now's it's its time to shine.

The motion-sensing controllers were spotted in new packaging by Press-Start this week, and we expect an announcement to be made revealing more at Sony's PlayStation event - which is also on 7 September.

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