Move aside YouTube, Wevr has big plans for virtual reality videos

Specifically, 25 million dollars worth of plans
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YouTube has long been the source for cat videos and since last year, it's become a platform for virtual reality content too, thanks to the 360 video channel. But it may not be your only go-to for VR vids soon.

Wevr, a startup best known for partnering with big companies to create VR content, wants to be the bigger, better version of YouTube for VR.

Called Transport, the app will house both free and paid experiences that users can access through a Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive Pre, Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR, with a focus on delivering high quality experiences.

The app is currently in private beta with no word on when it will be released yet, however the startup has already raised $25 million from investors

All the money will go towards creating a cloud service to store the videos, a VR engine and of course, making the content itself which Wevr plans on doing with both independent filmmakers.

With VR being such a new medium and two major headsets coming out soon - the HTC Vive and Rift - and second-gen VR devices rumored, people will be on the lookout for more and more VR goodies.

Wevr has several big projects under its belt including experiences shown off at Sundance 2016 so we're confident the company can pull this off and bring about a well developed app. It doesn't mean we won't keep an eye on YouTube especially since it looks like its exploring live streaming 360-degree video - adding Wevr to the mix allows greater variety for users.

It may be difficult deciding on one virtual reality headset but when it comes time to experience VR, the more options, the merrier.

Via: Fortune


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