Google lets you peek into Kendall Jenner's closet in first Daydream VR series

Vogue collaboration is first to use the company's Yi Halo VR rig
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Google announced Daydream more than a year ago and since then it has been busy adding Daydream apps, games and experiences to enjoy via the VR platform. The latest addition to the immersive catalogue is the very first Daydream VR video series, which launches today.

The first episode of Supermodel Closets lets you get all up in the wardrobes of models including Kendall Jenner and Cindy Crawford to find out about their favourite clothes. The 360 video is live on YouTube now with more episodes to be added in the coming weeks.

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While anyone can view Jenner and her sprawling clothing collections, the series is best viewed using a Google Cardboard or a Daydream View headset. Interestingly, the series is the first VR production that makes use of Google's Yi Halo camera rig.

Announced back in April of this year, the second generation Jump camera setup features 17 4K cameras to capture footage and packs a battery big enough to deliver up to 100 minute of continuous shooting. So you with your headset on you'll be able to look all the way around and look up during each episode.

Google Daydream in 2017 has been all about announcing standalone headsets that don't require smartphones with Lenovo and HTC both working on new hardware. We are also starting to see more smartphones being made compatible with Google's Daydream View, currently the only headset available to buy. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners are the latest to benefit from the improved support.

Now, if you're a fashion fan what are you waiting for? Get watching that first episode...



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