Valve’s Knuckles controllers will aim to track your fingers in virtual reality

The company drops all the details in a blog post
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With Valve's Knuckles VR controllers currently being shipped to developers as a prototype, details have emerged that illustrate how the device will track individual fingers.

The company has posted documentation online to help the community get started with the controllers, while also giving the rest of us a peek at what's in store for when we eventually get to strap on our VR headset with the Knuckles.

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Currently, users of the two big hitters — the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift — are able to use wands that track hand gestures, while buttons are also in tow to help movement around the virtual realm. With Valve's Knuckles, though, users wouldn't have to contend with trying to find buttons and be able to keep a good grip on the device.

To strap on the Knuckles, users simply have to insert their hand through the main part of the controller while a leash holds things in place. The device can keep tabs on your different fingers via capacitive sensors that are located throughout the device.

It's not just about whether your fingers are active or not, though, with the Knuckles also able to track finger position — for example, whether your index finger is pointed straight or curled at an angle.

Valve’s Knuckles controllers will aim to track your fingers in virtual reality

Per the post from Valve, the current kit version of Knuckles also includes a battery life of around three hours. However, as with anything in the prototype stage, whether this is the case when they're released into the wild isn't clear.

Speaking of which, there's currently no indication of when we'll actually be able to get our hands on them, despite now knowing the ins and outs of how everything will work.

What would appear true, though, is that the Knuckles are closer than we thought to resting in our hands and tracking our fingers - something that would be a huge step in the VR game.

Source: Steam

Valve’s Knuckles controllers will aim to track your fingers in virtual reality


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