Gear VR will let you tune into Samsung's MWC 2016 event

Here's how to watch the Samsung Unpacked event with Gear VR (and without it)
Watch a 360 live stream of Samsung at MWC
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It's still unclear whether we'll see any new wearables out of Mobile World Congress this year since most of the major names just released new smartwatches last year, including Samsung. The Gear S2 Classic in 3G is already on the way with an eSIM so unless Samsung has something really big planned, we probably won't see another timepiece.

That doesn't mean you still can't tune in if you're not in Barcelona - especially since VR is still up in the air. The Gear VR has seen much success since its launch last November but we could see a new accessory or even a free headset bundled with every Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (the rumored phones that Sammy is bound to announce).

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There's also the Gear VR 360 - a 360-degree camera that will allow users to create their own footage - that's been making the gossip rounds.

Here's how to watch Samsung's MWC press conference at 7pm CET/ 6pm GMT on Sunday 12 February, on the Gear VR.

You'll get four options for your viewing experience: the auditorium, stage left, stage right or from center stage. Samsung says to "Pick whichever spot is right for you, then use the 360 live streaming to get a complete view of the event from every angle."

Watching from Gear VR requires you to download and install the free Unpacked 360 View app from the Oculus Store, then choose from one of the four viewing angles.

If you don't have a Gear VR headset, then your PC or mobile device are options too.

You can mosey on over to the Galaxy Unpacked page on the Samsung website when the event begins and again, choose an angle to watch from.

On your mobile device, download and install the Unpacked 360 View app through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, then launch the app once the event begins - and of course, pick a viewing angle.