Dell's Mixed Reality Visor is now available to pre-order

You can now buy Dell's mixed reality headset
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The big day is here. You can now pre-order Dell's Mixed Reality Visor headset on Dell's website in the US and PC World in the UK. The VR headset will officially be available starting 17 October, and will be available from Best Buy, Microsoft stores and other retailers.

You'll be able to pick up the Baymax-looking headset for for the headset alone or bundled with the Windows Mixed Reality controllers. If you need a second pair of controllers, it'll cost you .

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As for the headset itself, well, it's one of the most comfortable VR headsets we've ever worn. The weight is evenly applied across the entire headset, so you don't feel the headset bearing down on any one part of your face or head, making it good for those extended play sessions.

Like other Mixed Reality headsets, the front can be flipped up so that you can easily jump out of the headset, get some air and spend some time back in actual reality. The cables also feed down the back of the headset rather than the side, making it much easier to keep from getting tangled up.

Inside the goggles you'll get 1440 x 1440 LCD screens with a refresh rate of 90Hz and a field of view of 110 degrees. Of course, the Dell Visor will be compatible with both Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PCs and Windows Mixed Reality PCs. Ultra PCs will get you the full experience, while PC's running integrated graphics will get you 60Hz refresh rates.

As for content, you can expect a host of compatible content from Steam for your new Windows Mixed Reality headset once you receive it in mid October.

Dell's Mixed Reality Visor is now available to pre-order


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