Polar is bringing real-time heart rate to Form AR swimming goggles

AR swimming wearable will work with Polar's OH1+ sensor
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Polar is teaming up with startup Form to let you view heart rate data through its swimming goggles with a built-in AR display.

Owners of the Form Swim Goggles will be able to pair them up with either the Polar OH1 or Polar OH1+ optical heart rate monitors. These are the monitors that are designed to be clipped onto the strap of a pair of goggles.

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When paired, data from the HR monitor will be transmitted wirelessly to the goggles enabling you to view that heart rate data in your line of sight during your swim alongside existing metrics such as split times, stroke count and lap counts.

The addition of heart rate means you have a metric that can now offer an insight into the intensity and effort level put into your swimming session. When the goggles are synced to the companion Android or iOS app, that HR data will now be added to your session’s data too.

Polar is bringing real-time heart rate to Form AR swimming goggles

How real-time HR will be displayed in Form Swim Goggles

“FORM has worked closely with Polar since 2018 to enable this functionality,” said Dan Eisenhardt, founder and CEO of Form. “We’ve done extensive testing in the pool with swimmers of all levels, including elite competitive swimmers, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results."

We recently put the Form Swim Goggles to the test and were big fans of the swimming wearable. We didn’t quite have the same experience putting Polar’s waterproof OH1+monitor to the swimming test, though we are keen to pair the two together to see how they get on as a duo.

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If you’re wondering whether Form will be supporting swim-friendly heart rate chest straps, it looks like that pairing will be unlikely. A spokesperson for the startup told us that they’re not currently part of its roadmap. “What we've found is that serious swimmers don't like swimming with them, since they're obtrusive and can shift around,” they said.

The Polar OH1/OH1+ support will be available for Form Swim Goggles owners in November via a free software update.

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