Virtual replay: Relive soccer, baseball, F1 and hockey games in VR

Take a trip back in time with these 360 videos
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VR and sport go hand in hand. Not only because the platform opens up a wide range of different vantage points to view live action, but also because it can also place you in the crowd and immerse you within a stadium's atmosphere.

As a result, we've seen countless VR games created to help mimic first-person angles, TV networks experiment with the technology to bring broadcasts closer to viewers and even teams release their own apps to cater for VR headsets.

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Naturally, it's easy to miss many of the sporting games, events and series that are streamed live, so we've scoured the virtual realm for the best videos you can watch in order to relive the action. Bear in mind this is a field that we're only just starting to see being embraced, so we'll update the list as more leagues and broadcasters take on board the technology.

MLB: World Series

Even if you're a die-hard fan, trying to grab tickets to Game 7 of the World Series is no easy task — and your wallet won't thank you, either. But who needs real life when you can relive the final out from the Chicago Cubs' win over the Cleveland Indians back in November in the virtual world. Granted, you're not getting the pitcher's view here, which would be quite something, but you can still relive the action right from the bleachers.

Soccer: Champions League final

It may only have taken place earlier this year, but who could get tired of seeing Juventus' Mario Mandzukic draw his team level with that overhead kick? Unfortunately for the Old Lady, it wasn't enough to hold off Real Madrid from winning back-to-back Champions League crowns, but thanks to the crew at Fox you can relive all the key action through VR with cameras both in the stands and behind the goal.

NFL: NFC North rivalry


Cast your mind back to January when the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions were locked in a fierce battle for the NFC North crown. Well, NFL Films was on hand to capture everything from sideline chatter between players and key red zone plays from both sides, too. Alongside Two Bit Circus & Google VR, the NFL Immerse production not only covered this dramatic Week 17 showdown, but also a series of eight other encounters within the 2016-17 season - you can view them here.

Formula 1: Red Bull lap

Watching Formula 1 drivers edge around the streets of Monaco or speed through the likes of Belgium's Spa on TV can give you an appreciation for the skill needed to navigate a lap, but it's nothing compared to being on-board with one of the sport's drivers. In this clip, you'll be seeing what former F1 driver Sebastien Buemi sees.

That includes 82,000 spectators at the TT Circuit Assen in the Netherlands — if you can catch any of them while flying at around 150mph — and even a burst of donuts at the end. Of course, this video was shot way back in 2015, with the platform expanding rapidly in the sport since then.

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NHL: Oilers v Red Wings

We'll admit this isn't exactly 1980 Winter Olympics levels of exciting, but it does provide an interesting look into just how highlights are presented for NHL fans in VR. In this three-minute recap, you'll be privy to, well, the highlights - so the pre-game action, all the goals and other key plays - from behind the goal. This will undoubtedly expand to more games and potentially even live streams as the league progresses within the platform.


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