Nike brings embedded NFC chip to connected NBA jerseys

Fans can tap into highlights, players' playlists and more
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Nike has unveiled a new range of connected jerseys ahead of the new NBA season - its first example of smart clothing.

The sportswear giant, which will take over league apparel from rival Adidas for the upcoming season, will leverage its NikeConnect technology in order to place an embedded NFC sensor into adult jerseys.

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The chip will allow wearers to launch the likes of real-time team videos, such as pre-game arrival footage and highlight packages, and players' favourite music playlists, all through the tap of a smartphone.

Throughout the new season, Nike and the NBA will collaborate further in order to bring exclusive offers to fans, too. Players will also be able to use them to send social media-style messages specifically to fans who've bought their jerseys.

In order to get involved, fans will simply need to download the NikeConnect app and touch the logo on the bottom panel of a jersey — all of which are set to come available on 29 September.

The connected jersey will be available in two editions, one priced at $110 and one at $200 -- part of Nike's package of four jerseys for each team.

And while this is a healthy innovation for fans of the NBA, the fact that Nike have launched a dedicated app for its Connect line would appear to suggest that more smart garments could be on the way. Not only does Nike cover the uniforms for the 32 teams within the NFL, but it also provides apparel for the likes of Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain and Tottenham Hotspur.

None of those will be featuring Nike Connect jerseys through their respective 2017-18 season, but it's likely the new partnership between Nike and the NBA is the start of a wider rollout for its smart clothing.

Nike brings embedded NFC chip to connected NBA jerseys

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