LifeBeam and Lazer Sport smart helmets set for Eurobike 2015 launch

New line of connected headgear is coming soon along with DIY kit
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LifeBeam has teamed up with Lazer Sport to integrate its connected sensors into a new range of smart bike helmets, with the trio set for a Eurobike launch later this week.

LifeBeam began life in the aerospace domain creating sensors for hi-tech helmets for pilots, astronauts and the special forces; sensing critical vitals like heart rate, SPO2, blood flow and physical activity during activities. In 2013 it branched out to the consumer market, offering up smart helmets, hats and visors.

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The three new helmets – Wasp, Z1, Blade, and Magma – are designed to fit different cycling activities, including mountain biking, street racing, and city commuting. They are all compatible with the ANT+ protocol and sync via Bluetooth with a variety of smartphone applications.

"LifeBEAM's goal is to empower individuals to improve their health and well-being through actionable and meaningful insights," said Omri Yoffe, founder and CEO at LifeBEAM. "This new line of helmets coupled with our extended partnership with Lazer Sports is a testament to us delivering on this goal—providing the most advanced human performance monitoring capabilities on the market."

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In addition to the new line of smart helmets, Lifebeam will be launching a DIY heart rate tracker kit, which features a small, lightweight connectivity box.

The DIY Kit can be connected to any existing Lazer Sport helmet for more flexibility with style and options. You can even switch between a LifeBeam smart hat and a Lazer Sports cycling helmet if your fitness routine includes multiple activities.

There is no information as to pricing and availability at this time. However, LifeBeam currently sells a Lazer Sport smart helmet for $229, so the price will probably be comparable.


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