When the Apple Watch hits Apple stores, you'll be able to try it out for 15 minutes

Still umming and ahhing over Apple's first Watch? Wait to get wrists on

Still can't decide if the Apple Watch will be your first - or next - wearable? You're not alone.

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"So should I get the Apple Watch, then?" is the single most frequently asked question of Wareable eds in 2015, replacing 2014's classic "Is this going to catch on?"

Apple knows that its millions of potential buyers - owners of the iPhone 5 and up - aren't sold yet and we heard at its Spring Forward event that the Watch will hit stores on 10 April, two weeks before it goes on sale.

Now 9to5mac, which reported on the special retail set-up for the Watch Edition, has revealed that hands on time with the Apple Watch will be limited to 15 minute slots - we assume to cater to the initial demand.

These slots will be with an Apple store employee, at either the special Watch table or try-on stations, who will guide customers through key features. It's not clear yet if you'll be able to poke around at whatever you like or if the devices will be in a limited demo mode.

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If you like what you see, you'll be able to place a reservation for a particular Watch model to pick it up on launch day which is 24 April.

Apple is pulling out all the stops with "Experts" for Edition customers, extra customer service training and the well-timed launch of a trade-in service for Android owners looking to switch to a Watch-compatible iPhone.

Are you tempted by the Apple Watch? If not, what's it missing? Let us know in the comments.

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  • 5lb-dump·

    The biggest drawback for me is the price. This is an unproven device that is hitting the market at a giant increased cost than the competitors. I was an owner of the first generation iPhone and had little to no issue with learning, manipulating, and using the iPhone 1, but the cost was still manageable due to a service contract with Verizon. This will be a stretch and if it fails, I may ditch Apple all together.  

    • Qwerty·

      First iPhone was an AT&T exclusive. 

  • jesse·

    I'm curious to see what the experience is like, but at the moment I'm skeptical of a watch with a screen that is blank most of the time. I think the benefits of wearing a watch will be significantly reduced if you have to actively turn on the screen every time you want to look at it. Plus I don't like the watch-with-blank-screen look. So I'm more excited about the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, with their always-on, daylight-readable screen.