The Titan Juxt is an inoffensive HP smartwatch

The world's fifth biggest watch company gets into wearable tech

We've known for a while that HP is taking a clever approach to making watches smarter. Now we have another Engineered by HP device to add to its MB Chronowing and Movado Bold Motion efforts - the Titan Juxt, made with the India based watchmakers.

It's a smart analog watch which will vibrate when you get an alert or message and also features a small, monochrome OLED screen in the middle of the watch face. Both iPhone and Android compatible, it has up to seven days of battery life, handles basic fitness tracking (step tracking, basic activity goals) and is water resistant up to 50m.

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We've seen this Martian-style approach a few times now - from Guess, Fossil and Movado. The original Withings Activité, and the variations we've seen since, is still a nice choice of fitness tracker and stylish devices like this prove that you don't necessarily want or need a big, bold and bright colour LCD screen on your wrist.

Then again, the added value that the Titan Juxt provides is quite slim so we don't know yet it will be enough for the Rs15,995 ($235) and up price tags. The range comes in titanium, stainless steel and rose gold plated stainless steel with the most expensive model set to retail for Rs19,995 ($295). Each watch has a curved case, honeycomb patterned dial, toughened mineral glass, skeletal watch hands, three dials and a leather strap.

Titan has been selling watches in the US since 2012 and says it is now the fifth largest watch company in the world. The Juxt is available to pre-order now. We'll be interested to see how much of a push it gives this smart analog watch.

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  • Mailer·

    For those looking for elegant watch with notification capabilities this looks promising. It has bigger  display than Martian and better design. 

  • dww0642·

    Purchased this watch through Sprint. When I went to pick it up I opened the box and unbuckled the band to remove the watch from the box. I noticed that some of the veneer to the leather band was missing under the buckle. I showed this to the Sprint sales person who was watching me open my new gift. So, disappointed as I was, I ask her to return it and get me an undamaged one. Well, today the new one arrived. I went to pick it up from the sprint store. I opened the box, and the same thing was wrong with the second watch they ordered me. I am not taking possession of a watch with a defective band. Its a beautiful dress watch, why should I? The Sprint manager offered me a discount on the watch, and said I could just buy another band for it. That's not the point, I want the band that came with it. So my thoughts were to contact the manufacturer of this watch, and ask if they would send me a replacement band, if I just decided to accept the defective watch from Sprint. The manufacturer stated to have Sprint just order me another watch, which I am reluctant to do. Because like the second one that was ordered, the third will probably come in with the same issue. Right. At this point I give up. For a watch with a price tag such as this one, I shouldn't have to settle for sup par products. so I am getting a refund, and spreading the word.