New Timex Metropolitan smartwatches are better looking Amazfits

They look mighty familiar – but that's no bad thing
New Timex Metropolitan smartwatches revealed
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The Timex Metropolitan smartwatch range has launched, with the classic wrist-watch company teaming up with Amazfit to deliver new touchscreen smartwatches.

Giving people the choice between designs, there’s a round-faced Metropolitan R and a square Metropolitan S, which we don’t have pictures of (yet).

We first heard about the collaboration between Timex and Amazfit back in 2018, so it’s a slight surprise it’s taken this long. Especially when it’s clear that these two smartwatches appear to be rebadged versions of Amazfit’s devices.

The Metropolitan R looks like a replica of an Amazfit GTR with a dose of extra design. It comes in a more alluring gunmetal, you get a chronograph on the bezel, and Timex has its own watch faces that look a cut above the ones you’ll find natively on the Amazfit. The size, shape and location of pushers on the case is otherwise extremely similar.

Timex Metropolitan R

Timex Metropolitan R

And we’re expecting the Metropolitan S to follow the Amazfit GTS pretty closely. Both watches performed well in our reviews.

And when you look at the headline stats and the similarities follow.

You still get around two weeks of battery life (12 days for the Metropolitan R and 14 days for the Metropolitan S), fitness tracking smarts and a pretty reasonable $179 price tag. The software looks identical – so it looks like a rebadged effort.

The Metropolitan R boasts a 42mm case, making it suitable for most people’s wrist size. That means you get a 1.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen, and the whole thing weighs just 39 grams.

There’s GPS built in and a heart rate monitor – so you’re getting a pretty complete list of features.

New Timex Metropolitan smartwatches are better looking Amazfits

Timex Metropolitan S

The Metropolitan R displays a chronograph around the bezel offers a classic wrist-watch feel, as does the leather band, which has a silicon lining to keep sweat from ruining the strap. There’s a quick release catch so you can add extra straps.

Amazfit is a Chinese brand and subsidiary of the colossal Huami group – and it’s established itself as a powerhouse of wearable development. But it has no brand in the West...yet.

Getting a big American brand like Timex as a licensee seems like a great move for the company, and anyone looking for a good quality, budget and good looking smartwatch could do a lot worse.

Watch this space for a full review.