Ticwatch 2 creators spell out which apps backers are getting

Not quite full Android Wear support but it'll get there in time
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Mobvoi - the Chinese AI and smartwatch company that's partly owned by Google - has for the most part, successfully launched the Ticwatch 2 smartwatch via Kickstarter.

But the team didn't specify everything about the wearable early on and has sent out a message to fully illustrate what backers are funding, while apologizing for the miscommunication.

"We also apologize for the confusion of compatible apps. It was not communicated fully at the beginning of our campaign. And it has taken us some time to refine the list of apps that are supported.

"The reason is that the Ticwatch 2 is still in the process of being tested in the global environment (it turns out not all Android apps can run) and we are still working in house and with partners to build better ecosystem support. To correct the confusion, not all have been tested in the global environment."

That means you won't get the full app experience as you would from an Android Wear watch, but the message does mention that the team is working "internally and with our partners" on more apps.

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So far, what you're actually getting doesn't sound half bad. Pre-installed apps for both Android and iOS include: Dialer, Calendar, Health (including heart rate, steps etc), Fitness, Weather, Calculator, Stopwatch, Timer, Recorder, Alarm, Music control and Find My Phone.

Voice search for both platforms include: Uber, Yelp, POI, Joke and Weather.

Third party apps are the ones you won't see much of but these are the ones you'll be able to use: 2046, Blue Carbon Analog Watch Face, Magic Watch Face Ticker, Ustwo Watch Faces.

You'll also get full notifications and voice replies for texts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail and more on both Android and iOS.

The list isn't final since it sounds like Mobvoi wants to add even more by inviting developers onto its platform. But for now, the lists above are what you can expect on the Ticwatch 2.

Ticwatch 2 creators spell out which apps backers are getting

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