​Tag Heuer launches Calibre E4 Golf Edition with auto shot tracking

New golf features make this new edition a big improvement
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Tag Heuer has released a special Golf Edition of its latest Calibre E4 smartwatch.

The company has traditionally launched a golf-focused version of its smartwatch with each generation – and has invested heavily in golf tracking via its own Tag Heuer Golf tracking app, which is available for Wear OS and Apple Watch.

The Calibre E4 Golf Edition has added some serious new golf features, with automatic shot detection and improved mapping leading a much-improved experience.

While Tag Heuer launched two sizes of its Calibre E4, the Golf Edition will only be available in the larger 45mm case.

The smartwatch retains the 1-18 holes etched onto the dial, and the overall look and feel of its predecessors. However, the company now includes a ball-marker attached to the strap for use on the greens, which is a nice touch.

The screen has been given an upgrade over the previous generation, and the 454x454 326ppi OLED panel is much brighter and suited to viewing the excellent hole maps and visualizations from the Tag Heuer golf app.

Battery life has been improved, and it now offers five hours of golf tracking (easily enough for a round), which was a major flaw of previous Tag smartwatches.

​Tag Heuer launches Calibre E4 Golf Edition with auto shot tracking

One of our favorite parts of the Tag Heuer golf experience is the course mapping, and this is now easier to use on the wrist. Users can now also scroll the crown to virtually explore the hole. Previous generations only showed the green layout, and you’d have to pull out your smartphone to see the entire shape and contour of the hole.

The shot tracking is an interesting new feature. It attempts to identify a swing on the tee box using the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, and do the same for the second shot, which will log the start and end point of your drive.

Distances and direction will then be logged in the app, offering users some vital insights into their performance.

There’s also a Driving Range mode, which will show heat maps if you log each auto-detected shot.

The success of this comes down to how reliable the watch is at identifying swings, so we’ll be testing this out on the course.

We’ve been fans of the Tag Heuer Connected Golf Editions in the past, and it looks like the Calibre E4 has improved on battery life gripes and added some useful new features.

That’s just as well, because the Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Golf Edition will cost £2,200/$2,650 and goes on sale in April 2022.

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