Safer Kids smartwatch wants to keep little ones safe

Cute-looking wearable has very serious purpose
Leaf Wearables unveils smartwatch for kids
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Leaf Wearables, the Indian smart jewellery startup that designed a pendant to keep loved ones safe, is now branching out into smartwatches for kids.

The Safer Kids watch is all about safety as well and is aimed at children aged 4 to 10 years old. As a GPS kids tracker it'll enable parents to keep a closer eye on their child's location via the companion phone app.

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If there's an emergency or a problem, 7 pre-programmed numbers can be assigned to the watch that brings the onboard microphone and speaker into action and can be used to call/text or receive calls only from those numbers. Kids can also raise the alarm by hitting a red button on the side of the watch that sends alerts to designated contacts.

Parents can set up Safer Zones on maps, which sends out notifications when a child enters or leaving one of the zones. The Android and iPhone-friendly wearable doesn't require a subscription service to access any of the safety features and promises to deliver up to 36 hours of battery life. Away from safety features, it also works as an activity tracker.

To convince kids to wear them, it's available in either blue, pink and yellow and also come with changeable face masks. The panda one is our personal fave. Leaf Wearables is also concerned about making the wearable comfortable to wear so it's using a food grade silicon band and has managed to pack the tech into a device that weighs just 41g.

The Safer Kids smartwatch is available now from the Leaf Wearables website and is priced at Rs. 4799, which works out to roughly $74. So, it's not a huge price to pay to keep a closer eye on those little rascals.

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