Pebble Watch gets new 'Quiet Time' mode

Pebble's Firmware 3.4 update brings more languages, silence mode, and more
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Pebble has released a firmware update for its Pebble Time and Time Steel watches, which brings with it a few new features that users might find useful.

The update also includes Quiet Time, which is a notification silence feature. If you don't want to get pinged with all of your alerts for a certain period of time, Quiet Time lets you temporarily turn them off. You can manually activate the feature using the Back button to toggle it on or off from your watch face or from a notification.

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Preempt interruptions by scheduling Quiet Time from your calendar or set automatic Quiet Times for Monday through Friday, or weekends only. You can also customise Quiet Time to allow phone calls to come through, just in case you are waiting for that special call.

The company also updated its Android and iOS app with a new look, additional language support, and features that work in tandem with the firmware update. Be sure to update your app before updating the Pebble watch firmware.

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Firmware 3.4 brings support in French, German, and Spanish to Pebble Time and Time Steel. Users can change the language in the Settings menu of the companion smartphone app.

Another new feature in v3.4 is Stand-By Mode, which automatically deactivates Pebble's Bluetooth when the watch is motionless for 30 minutes. Bluetooth reconnects when you pick up or move the watch again. This feature reduces power consumption by about 50%.

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Stand-By Mode is currently in beta and off by default. You can turn the feature on by going to Settings> System.

You can update to Firmware 3.4 from the Pebble Time app by going to Menu> Support> Update your Pebble.

Pebble Watch gets new 'Quiet Time' mode

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