Moto 360 Wear smartwatch gets a surprise 2019 upgrade

Out with the flat tyre, in with the rounded, always-on display
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The Moto 360 has made a surprise return to the smartwatch market, though this one isn't technically being made by Motorola.

Motorola partner brand eBuyNow has resurrected the 360, which runs Wear OS, and is powered by the Snapdragon 3100 processor, with 1GB of RAM on board to hopefully bring performance up to date.

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The last Moto 360 released in 2015 and was a solid device for the time with a classy lightweight design. It's nice to see a version without the infamous flat tyre.

The new Moto 360 looks to build on that foundation. It's packing a stainless steel body, a rotating crown and adding a customizable action button to the side of the face.

Moto 360 Wear smartwatch gets a surprise 2019 upgrade

Three color finishes are available, in rose gold, silver and black, with a selection of silicon and leather straps to choose from. The AMOLED display, notably, provides an always-on option, pumping out a resolution of 390 x 390 pixels.

In terms of battery life, it will still get you through the day despite this, with a battery extending mode able to show you just the time for three days after the fuller experience turns off. Another bonus on the battery side is fast charging, with a full charge able to be achieved in 60 minutes.

Features-wise, the Wear OS watch has Google Pay, as well as Google Assistant functionality, though there's no speaker to give you audible responses. It also has GPS connectivity, for use independent of your phone.

Beneath the watch case lies 1GB of RAM, putting the watch in step with Fossil's newest smartwatches, and 8GB of storage. The watch is also waterproofed to up to 30 metres depth and is swim-proof. There's also a heart rate monitor and GPS on board too for those looking to use the watch to work out with .

The new Moto 360 will ship with both a silicon and leather strap, and is available to pre-oder now from Motorola for an inescapably pricey , with pricing and pre-orders to come for other territories in November.

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