Super stylish Calendar Watch breezes past Kickstarter target

E-paper display syncs with your digital diary
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Connected timepieces like the Withings Activité and the Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart have simplified the smartwatch genre by eliminating the display but the Calendar Watch - which has just sailed past its crowdfunding target - brings the display back, but still keeps things simple.

The key word in that intro is 'back'. The e-paper display sits behind the analogue style hands and simply provides a visual insight into how busy your day is looking.

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By syncing up with your digital calendar - whether that be Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo or more - the Calendar Watch shows you your next 12 hours, greying out areas that you have appointments for, in 15 minute segments.

You can choose to sync the next 12 hours ahead at a chosen time or have the watch refresh every 15 minutes. The former is obviously better for the battery life, which we're told is an impressive three weeks.

In both modes, double tapping the watch shows your next day's schedule for 5 seconds before reverting back to your chosen display.

When the time arrives that you do have something scheduled, you'll get a buzz from the watch's vibration motor and the segment will false.

Like the Withings and Mondaine models we mentioned, the analogue hands are, in fact, digitally set by the companion app. That means auto time zone switching as you travel around the world.

Super stylish Calendar Watch breezes past Kickstarter target

The Calendar Watch has only the one connected feature but looks incredibly slick and stylish. Its makers are obviously hoping that regular watch fans will be interested too, with the digital additions simply being a bonus.

"Renowned" Japanese art director Masashi Kawamura and Italian industrial designer Umberto Onza have teamed up for the watch and the results are certainly impressive.

There are four colour models to choose from: white, black, blue and green - although the latter is dependent on the company hitting a stretch goal.

That shouldn't be an issue though - with 21 days left, the company is already about 15% above the original target. You've missed your chance to get the promo €180 price, but you can still order one for €240. Shipping is expected in September.

Super stylish Calendar Watch breezes past Kickstarter target

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