Apple iWatch to boast its own App Store

SDK already seeded to some high-profile developers
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We at Wareable have iWatch fever at the moment as the big Apple launch event on 9 September draws ever closer. And it seems the rest of the web does too, with the rumour mill seemingly set to overdrive.

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The latest tasty nugget to emerge from the ubiquitous murmurings is that Apple's smartwatch will come with support for third party applications and will boast its own App Store.

This is a pretty obvious assumption, we know, but the guys over at 9to5Mac have offered up the first real evidence of this, with two of its sources confirming that a software development kit (an SDK) has already been seeded to a few high-profile social networks.

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This makes sense as the Cupertino company would obviously want to run some live demos when it unleashes its latest must-have product.

With iOS 8 due to hit iPhones and iPads soon, it's expected that iWatch apps will tie into the platform's new features such as HealthKit and HomeKit.

The big Apple launch event kicks off 10am Pacific Time - that's 6pm in the UK. Wareable will be reporting live, make sure you're online for all the big iWatch release news.

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