​Amazfit launches GTS 2e and GTR 2e smartwatches – here's what's new

The third watches land in the Amazfit GTS trilogy
Amazfit launches GTS 2e and GTR 2e globally
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Amazfit has launched two more smartwatches in the US and Europe – the GTS 2e and GTR 2e. These devices have been live in China for a while, but are now heading West.

In the past few months, Amazfit has launched the GTS 2 and GTR 2, GTS 2 Mini and now the GTS/GTR 2e. So where do these fit in?

First, the GTS 2e refers to the square case design, and the GTR 2e the round version.

While the GTS 2 Mini cut advanced features such as music storage and digital assistants for a low price – the GTS/GTR 2e make modest hardware downgrades on the GTS/GTR 2 for a lower price. But it also adds longer battery life.

The key benefit of the GTS/GTR 2e is better battery life. The GTR 2e will last 24 days on a single charge with normal use, up from 14 days on the normal GTR 2.

Likewise, the GTS 2e will last 14 days, compared to 7 days on the GTS 2. There's also super-high basic mode battery life quotes of 45 days and 24 days respectively...but you'd have to disconnect it from your phone to achieve that, which seems pointless.

Amazfit launches GTS 2e and GTR 2e smartwatches – here's what's new

The screen on both the GTS 2e and GTR 2e are also slightly less curvaceous, with 2.5D curved glass compared to 3D curved glass. The different seems negligible to us. And the back of the case stays plastic, and the aluminium alloy used on the case doesn’t have the same ‘diamond like carbon’ coating – so it will appear a little less premium.

Otherwise the screen technology is the same, with a 1.65-inch AMOLED display on the GTS 2 e and 1.39-inch circular screen on the GTR 2e.

You still get SpO2, stress detection, advanced sleep monitoring, 90 sport modes, GPS and the BioTracker 2.0 PPG sensor.

However, the GTS 2e doesn’t get Bluetooth calling – and there’s another feature missing. We were expecting temperature sensing to land, as per the release in China. However, a temperature sensor is included in the specs, so this could land in an over-the-air update.

So let’s talk price. The Amazfit GTS 2e and GTR 2e will launch for $139.99. To add some clarity to this melee, the GTS 2/GTR 2 retails at $179.99 while the GTS 2 Mini comes in at $99.99.