And finally: Samsung's foldable smartwatch patents and more

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Samsung's smartwatch patents
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Happy New Year, kids. We hope you had a blast over the holidays. As you know, tech never sleeps so we're kicking off 2017 with the latest rumours, rumblings and smaller news stories from the past seven days.

Otherwise, all eyes are on CES 2017 which begins in Las Vegas on Tuesday 4 January and could see launches from Samsung, New Balance, HTC, Sony, LG & Garmin. Check out our round-up of leaks, rumours and early announcements here.

Samsung files new foldable watch patents

And finally: Samsung's foldable smartwatch & more

We've already covered Samsung's smartwatch patent history (and future) extensively but now we have two fresh patents to dig into.

One is similar to one of the latest patents we've seen pop up for a device called the Galaxy Wing. It's a smartwatch with a foldable display that can turn into a bracelet when transformed. The other has an extended thin band that would allow the wearer to wear the device round their neck, around the house or move the placement of the round display on their arm.

Edible trackers on the horizon

And finally: Samsung's foldable smartwatch & more

More Samsung and the tech giant has released a few predictions of its own about where wearable tech is going. For one, Samsung is excited about "digital pills" and "ingestibles", a trend that we've been following for a while, and reckons wearables will "physically stimulate" us via taste, touch and smell while we're watching movies or playing games.

Unsurprisingly, Samsung isn't announcing any actual products but it's good to know where the company's head is at.

Sparrow wearable air monitor at CES

And finally: Samsung's foldable smartwatch & more

Next week, we'll see the Indiegogo launch of Sparrow, a wearable air monitor that's also debuting at CES. It measures carbon monoxide, temperature, air pressure and relative humidity and is designed to clip on to clothes, bags, car bikes and smartphone cases. For cyclists, it could be useful for planning healthier routes.

NYE Times Square in 360

Apparently it's now an ABC News tradition to bring us Times Square on New Year's Eve in 360 degree video. So here it is for 2016 into 2017 - warning, it's hours long so skip ahead for the ball drop etc.


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