Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will run Wear OS – but glucose tracking is off the menu

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Another week and a new batch of rumors around the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch Active 4.

We’re really excited about what could be seismic change in Samsung’s smartwatch line-up, and while rumors always been reported with caveats, it’s part of the fun of big tech launches – and this could be the biggest in wearables for years.

Just the sheer volume of rumors around the release of the Galaxy Watch 4 make this a near certainty, and now another tipster has thrown their hat into the ring. Twitter tipster @FrontTron has spotted codenames associated with the Galaxy Watch 4 in Korean cellphone carriers database.

That includes:

  • Watch Active4(39mm, SM-R865N)
  • Watch Active4(43mm, SM-R875N)
  • Watch4(41mm, SM-R885N)
  • Watch4(45mm, SM-R895N)

You will notice that those sizes do not tally with rumors from last week, which we suggested were taken with a large pinch of salt. Those reports suggested that the Watch 4 would increase to 46mm and the Active 4 would launch in 40mm and 42mm sizes.

However, a simultaneous report from a Korean website called Money Today does repeat those claims.

Money Today also predicts there won’t be a blood glucose monitor that has been widely rumored, which doesn’t seem like a huge surprise. Samsung does seem to be leading the race in this area, but it’s unsurprising the tech won’t land in time for a 2021 release.

And that neatly brings us onto release dates. MT reports the Galaxy Watch 4 is on course for a “July or August” launch. Previous rumors have pointed to a slightly earlier appearance for Samsung’s new pair of smartwatches, with June touted. August would tally with previous Galaxy Watch launches and seems like a safe bet.

And finally, Money Today has also quoted sources that say that Samsung will move to Wear OS, due to a frustration with a lack of apps on the platform.

After a month of quiet, we’re now getting a spate of similar rumors coming out around the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4 pair – and momentum seems to be gathering.

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