How to switch Samsung Pay for Google Pay on Galaxy Watch

Pay with Google Wallet using these simple steps
Wareable Google Pay on Galaxy Watch
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Your Samsung Galaxy Watch will use Samsung Pay by default – but it’s possible to change the payment service used by the smartwatch.

On the Samsung Galaxy Watch you can summon Samsung Wallet by pressing and holding the lower button. This can bring up payment cards as well as things like tickets, passes, and travel passes.

Samsung Wallet is much improved and has got even better during the last update for the Galaxy Watch 6.

But if you’re already a user of Google Pay, you can use this instead. But there are a few limitations to be aware of. Read on to find everything you need to know.

What you'll need:

  • Google Pay account
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/5/6

How to make Google Pay your default service on Galaxy Watch

WareableGoogle Pay on Galaxy Watch

1. Make sure you’ve downloaded Google Wallet on your smartphone. Ensure you're fully signed up, accepted all the terms and conditions, verified your card and are generally ready to go

2. Head to Settings on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 

3. Choose Connections

4. Open NFC

5. Choose Google Pay as your provider.

When you hover your watch over a contactless pay point, it will now be Google Pay that opens, not Samsung Pay.

Create a shortcut for Google Pay

WareableGoogle Pay on Galaxy Watch

But while you can now use Google Pay by default, Samsung has been extremely petty in not allowing third parties, e.g. Google Pay, to take over the use of the long-press button shortcut.

If you want, you can assign another shortcut to Google Pay. But you’ll have to sacrifice something.

To add Google Pay as a button shortcut on Galaxy Watch:

1. Go to Settings on your Galaxy Watch

2. Tap Advanced features

3. Tap Customize buttons

4. You can assign either long press or double press of the home button to Google Pay.

It’s not ideal as you will lose either the voice assistant or revert to the last used app feature, but it’s a way of getting Google Pay quickly to hand.

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