How to make calls with Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/5/6

And how to troubleshoot issues
Wareable galaxy watch calls
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Your Samsung Galaxy Watch can make calls straight from the wrist – so you can speak to people without needing to take your phone out of your pocket.

It works regardless of whether you have a standard Galaxy Watch or an LTE version. The difference is that if you have an LTE Galaxy Watch, you can make and take calls even if you leave your smartphone at home.

Read on to learn how to call from your Galaxy smartwatch.

What you'll need:

1. Make sure it’s connected 

Ensure your smartwatch is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and it's close by. If you’re using LTE then make sure you have activated the eSIM and connected it.

2. Fire up the phone app

WareableCall icon

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the app drawer. From here select the phone icon. We find the icons a little random, but in this one instance, it’s pretty easy to identify.

3. Choose a contact


From here you can call in three ways. We presume the most popular will be choosing a person from your contact list. There’s a button to browse the list, and then tap on any contact. From the contact card, you can also send a message if you need.

4.  Choose a recent call

Wareablemissed calls

The Galaxy Watch will pull in any recent incoming, outgoing, or missed calls into the main screen. You can tap any of these to start a call to that number from the watch.

5. Summon the dialler


If you know the number you want to call, then hit the dialler icon and you can tap it out and call it – y’know, old school style.

6. Transfer a call to your phone

Wareablesend call to phone

Smartwatches are great for taking that call you’ve been waiting for when you might have missed it. So if you don’t want to complete the whole call by shouting into your wrist, you can hand off the call to your phone.

Tap the three dots, and choose Switch To Phone.

Having trouble?

WareableHow to make calls with Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 photo 12

If you’re having problems making or receiving calls, it’s likely a setting is out of place on your smartphone.

One option is that calls might not be enabled in your phone’s settings. Head to the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone, choose your Galaxy Watch, and then check that calls are enabled. 

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