Oculus disables Gear VR support for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

If you value your face, keep that phablet away
Do not use the Note 7 with the Gear VR
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As Samsung asks people to stop using its problematic Note 7 smartphone, Oculus has also decided to remove support for the phablet when using it with the new Gear VR headset.

The makers of the Rift power the software that runs on Samsung's virtual reality hardware has now disabled the app required to get things working on the Note 7. When users of both devices try to pair the two together, they should now see the following message:

"Customer safety is Oculus' top priority. Oculus is removing support for all Note7 devices on the Oculus platform. Until further notice, Note7 devices will not be compatible with the Gear VR. For more information regarding the Note7, please contact Samsung directly."

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Over on the Oculus website, the Facebook-owned company carries a similar message that it's removing support for all Note 7 devices on the Oculus platform urging concerned customers to head to Samsung's website for more information.

It's a wise move from both Samsung and Oculus after new reports that the handset has been catching on fire with the phone's battery said to be the root of the problem. The Korean tech giant is now advising owners of the Note 7 not to power up the phablet as it confirmed it had ceased production of the device.

If you still want to use a Samsung smartphone with the Gear VR, the likes of the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge are still compatible. Not exactly the ideal solution, but you could always opt for Google's Daydream VR headset as an alternative.

Source: Android Central