Samsung responds to Gear Sport and Gear S3 battery drain issues

No reports yet of problem affecting the Samsung Galaxy Watch
Samsung smartwatches have a battery issue
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Some Samsung Gear Sport and Gear S3 owners have been experiencing an issue where the battery on their smartwatch is failing to go the distance.

Users have been leaving messages on a thread on the Samsung Community forum related to the battery rapidly draining on the two Gear smartwatches. Many of the comments state that the drain happens around the same time (around 3am), with the battery at around the 70% mark when they go to bed. Scrolling down the thread, there's plenty of, 'I've got the same issue' comments.

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A moderator on the forum has stated that the company is working on a fix, but it's not been revealed what is the cause of the issue. We reached out to Samsung to find out if this is a wide spread problem and whether the company has identified the cause of the issue. It provided us with the following statement:

β€œAt Samsung, customer satisfaction is core to our business and we aim to deliver the best possible experience. We are aware of reports about Samsung Gear S3 and Gear Sport devices experiencing battery drain issues, and advise affected users to restart their device to resolve the issue.”


So, basically, the old trick of turning it off and then on again should apparently fix the issue.

This isn't the first time Samsung's smartwatches have been hit with battery problems. Back in December last year, Gear S3 owners reported bad battery life after Samsung rolled out its latest software update for the watch. It seemed that simply rebooting the smartwatch did the trick of getting that battery life back to normal on that occasion, too.

The good news for Samsung at least is that there have been no reports from Samsung Galaxy Watch owners (yet) encountering this battery drain problem. We'll keep you posted when Samsung is able to share more on the Gear S3 and Gear Sport battery drain.

Source: Sammobile

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  • woodzmum62·

    I have had my Samsung Gear sport watch for only 10 months. The battery does not last even 8 hours now. This has been happening for at least 3 weeks. I have been into the phone shop, I've talked to people online, I've reset my phone, I've taken apps off, I've done everything that I have found on sites giving answers on what to do, and still my watch battery drains after 6 to 8 hours. I carry my charger around with me at work, this watch is useless to me this way, I do use samsung health on the watch so battery drain is not good whilst using this app. CAn someone help please. Thanks in advance.