This is the Samsung Gear S2 photo you've been waiting for

More teasing ahead of IFA, this time from Samsung's US design chief
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Samsung is excited about the Gear S2, it just can't stop teasing its upcoming round, Tizen smartwatch ahead of the official launch, with price and release date details, at IFA on 3 September.

And so it should be. Just look at this Instagram pic from Dennis Miloseski, the head of Samsung Design America, of the Gear S2 working and on his wrist. Unlike the teaser videos which focused on the UI and the fashion lookbook images which were stylised to within an inch of their life, this one shows the smartwatch in normal lighting on a normal wrist.

The display looks slightly recessed, which wasn't apparent on those first press pics, and the (stainless steel?) body of the watch catches the light.

Taking photos of gadgets with screens is difficult so we won't pass much judgement on that for now except to say the contrast looks pretty good, typical for Samsung, with deep blacks on the classy watchface Miloseski has chosen.

The pic doesn't give away any more details about functionality but this is all pretty much common knowledge by now - the S2 will run on Tizen, feature a heart rate monitor and could come in a variety of sizes or models.

Check out our guide to the Gear S2 ahead of the IFA event - not long now until we get the rumoured specs confirmed.

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