Samsung Gear S2 band adapter makes it easier to swap styles

Got a 20mm strap lying about? You can now attach it to your Samsung smartwatch
Gear S2 now works with any watch straps
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Samsung has been promising a host of unofficial Gear S2 straps for a while now, from the likes of Casetify and Italian designer Alessando Mendini. But there's still no sign of them. So now the Gear S2 maker is putting the strap customisation in your hands by unveiling a new band adapter.

The stainless steel adapters, which are available in dark grey and silver, will now let you clip on standard 20mm watch straps including the Gear S2 Classic strap. The more expensive Classic uses a different strap connection mechanism making it easier to swap out straps. This should help make the cheaper Gear S2 look a little more like its luxurious counterpart.

To attach the adapter, it's simply a case of removing the current band and clipping the adapter in its place. That does add a few millimetres beside the adapter, but it's a small price to pay for the ability to mix things up on the straps front.

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If you're in Germany, Singapore or South Africa, you can grab one now with one retailer offering it for €25. There's plans to spread the customisation love to other countries, so hopefully it won't be too long before it turns up in the US, UK and the rest of the world.

Samsung's sixth smartwatch in just under five years is arguably its best effort to date and we were definitely fans of it. Our one big criticism has been about the lack of apps, just as was the case with previous Tizen powered efforts, but the Korean tech giant recently claimed that there's four times as many Gear S2 apps than at launch. It seems like Samsung is really backing the latest member of the Gear family and additions like the band adapter definitely help.

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