Bixby might make its wearable debut on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Bixby on the wrist, ya'll
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"Wherefore art thou on wearables, Bixby?" has been the question on many lips ever since Samsung debuted its smart assistant alongside the Galaxy S8.

The assistant skipped the Gear Sport smartwatch last year, but a Samsung rep assured wearable that Bixby would eventually live on the wrist. Now SamMobile is confirming that, claiming Bixby will debut on the Galaxy Watch, the all-but-confirmed name for the upcoming Gear S4.

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Unlike the smartphone versions of Bixby, Galaxy Watch Bixby won't come with a dedicated button, according to the report. Instead, it's simply just replacing S Voice since you'll be able to control every function on your smartwatch with Bixby.

Thus, you'll either be using the home button to access Bixby or simply saying, "Hi Bixby" to get the attention of your digital assistant.

Samsung is having an event on 9 August to unveil the Galaxy Note 9, and it's widely believed that it will also debut the Galaxy Watch there too. But that's not all: the company is also pulling off the wrapping on Bixby 2.0, which will see the Note 9 and Galaxy Watch as its first devices.

The updated smart assistant is crafted for better response times and the ability to expand Samsung's voice ecosystem. So you can probably expect Bixby heading to Galaxy Watch as the beginning of a larger expansion.

Bixby might make its wearable debut on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

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