The logo for the Samsung Galaxy Watch has just been spotted

After filing a patent for the name, the evidence continues to mount with new leak
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More evidence has surfaced to suggest Samsung's next smartwatch will be called the Galaxy Watch.

After the company received a patent for the moniker by the USPTO back in May, a logo registration for the Samsung Galaxy Watch has now been spotted by Galaxy Club. Registering the logo in its home territory of South Korea, the tech giant filed the paperwork, shown below, with the Korean Intellectual Property Office just last month.

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Of course, the company's Galaxy branding has been present in its smartphone range for a number of years, though its range of smartwatches have instead adopted the Gear tag. However, with this latest move, it appears as if the Korean giant could have a shift in mind. Or, alternatively, it could be planning to release a Galaxy Watch alongside a potential Gear S4 later in the year.

The logo for the Samsung Galaxy Watch has just been spotted

Interestingly, the Galaxy branding may extend past the smartwatch line, as well. Granted alongside the Galaxy Watch by the USPTO in May was a patent for a Galaxy Fit fitness tracker.

How much do these initial trademarks reveal about the purported line of Galaxy wearables from Samsung? Well, as you might expect, there's not too much to go off from the filings. Samsung states that the Galaxy Watch will be capable of offering the likes of LTE and NFC, in a similar way to previous generations of the Gear devices, but there's no hints towards the design or any specific features.

Little is revealed, also, with regard to the Galaxy Fit, but we would expect such a device to continue along the path set by the Gear Fit2 and the current Samsung tracker, the Gear Fit2 Pro.

Interestingly, these trademarks also come after Patently Mobile uncovered another patent granted to the company - one which shows off a very basic looking smartwatch design, shown below.

The logo for the Samsung Galaxy Watch has just been spotted

It's difficult to glean anything just from that image, naturally. However, if this particular design does see the light of day, and it does also turn out to be called the Samsung Galaxy Watch, it perhaps most resembles the Gear S2.

But at this stage, this is all merely speculation. The truth is, Samsung could easily turn around and launch the Samsung Gear S4 and Gear Fit3 and let the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit monikers waste away. We won't know for sure until the next generation, which we expect will be revealed later this year.

The logo for the Samsung Galaxy Watch has just been spotted

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