Polar lets thrill seekers command their GoPro Hero 5 from the wrist

Stryd power meter gets some Polar love as well
​Polar and GoPro pal up
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Polar has teamed up with GoPro to offer extra controls and compatibility for users of the ubiquitous action camera.

An update to the Polar V800 sports watch, now available on the wearable, means users will be able to control their GoPro Hero 5 action camera straight from the wrist.

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The pairing with the Polar V800 means you'll be able to start and stop recordings, tag HiLights and take images from the GoPro all from your wrist. Further to this, Polar's new H10 heart rate chest strap will also connect to GoPro cameras, letting you overlay your HR and training data on top of your videos.

That's great news for extreme sports types filming their black runs in ski season, less interesting for tourists taking selfie stick snaps at Buckingham Palace. Polar has also made a video showing what the Polar connection will let you do, which you can view below. This also means that the V800 is now compatible with both the GoPro Hero4 Black and the Hero 5 and there's plans for the Android Wear running-M600 to get similar support soon as well.

The pairing is a product of GoPro's Developer Program designed to encourage implementations of GoPro's technology into hardware, apps and accessories. Polar was one of the first partners to have access to the toolkits.

The power of Stryd

Polar lets thrill seekers command their GoPro Hero 5 from the wrist

That's not all the big news Polar V800 owners. You're now getting Stryd support as well, which means you can pair up the wearable power meter and feast on additional metrics to analyse your running sessions.

From the watch you'll be able to view data in real-time including form power, cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation and even provide insights into leg stiffness. That data can also be pulled into Polar Flow, to help refine your training and see where you need to up your game.

The $499.95 Polar V800 may be a few years old now but it's still among the top GPS running watches for serious runners. The addition of GoPro and Stryd support though means this ageing watch still has plenty of legs.

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