Pebble wants to figure out what makes us all happy

Pushing forward and further with Pebble Health

Hot on the heels of its massive three part release of the Pebble 2, Time 2 and Core, Pebble is now focusing on keeping its software nice and fresh. A new update arrived bringing a weather app and new fire emoji - and now it seems the Kickstarter darling is looking into what makes you happy as well.

Part of a one week experimental program, you can download a new Happiness App to track what makes you smile. During the week, you'll be prompted to every hour to rate your energy level and mood then input where you are, who you're with and what you've been up to in the last hour.

From your answers, Pebble will figure out correlations between what interactions, activities and so forth make you happiest. The app then generates a detailed analysis for you at the end of the week.

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Susan Holcomb, Pebble's head of data science, detailed in a research blog how the app has shed valuable insight into certain habits, times when people were most or least energized and even what personalities are like. She did also note that because the study was short, "changes are not likely to stick for a lifetime" but still, it provided a glimpse with what "really can inspire healthier habits."

The app is free and available for download to try out now. The Happiness App also comes at a time when Pebble has announced its making its health algorithms open to the public with the hope that more partners step forward to collaborate.


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  • Nischit·

    It is certainly an interesting app 


    I love Pebble but I HATE their support. I have purchased 5 pebbles in the company's lifetime and more or less the watch performed nicely. Recently, one of my new Pebble Time broke (failed to connect) and I reached out to there support e-mail for help. First off, I am very tech savvy and an experienced DYIer. Before I reached out to Pebble Support, I have do everything I can from Forums and Q&A including a full factory reset and reinstallation of my iOS app (several times). When I reached out to them, there is a 2-5 day delay in each response. Three times they came back with the canned "factory reset" your watch. So three weeks later, my watch still doesn't work. Multiple times I have asked for an RMA so their factory can solve this problem and their support basically ignore my request even though they are legally obligated to fulfill their warranty obligations. SO, ALMOST A MONTH NOW, MY WATCH STILL DOESN'T WORK AND PEBBLE STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN BACK TO ME!!!!!!