Listen to You Wear It Well episode 5 - the BFF Forever edition

Art in VR, getting hench and the Nokia Steel HR
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We're back, it's episode 5 of You Wear It Well, our new twice monthly podcast. This week, the London gang dig into some of the smaller wearable tech and VR stories of the past few weeks as well as the team's personal obsessions.

Mike, Sophie and Conor talk about VR - specifically the high end HTC Vive - coming to an IMAX in Europe for the first time and to the Tate Modern gallery's Modigliani exhibition via a virtual recreation of the artist's studio.

Then we get sporty with a rundown from Conor of his nine weeks of strength training for his diary series, a Charged Up discussion of why Mike wants smart swimming goggles to become a reality fast and what we think of the Withings, we mean Nokia Steel HR.

Plus, we don't mention Black Friday once.

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Alternatively, just click the play button on Soundcloud below to have a listen to episode 5. If there's something you want us to cover in a future show, we're going to start taking listener questions about all things wearable tech so tweet @ us or leave a comment on this story.

Listen to You Wear It Well episode 5 - the BFF Forever edition


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Sophie was Wareable's associate editor. She joined the team from Stuff magazine where she was an in-house reviewer. For three and a half years, she tested every smartphone, tablet, and robot vacuum that mattered. 

A fan of thoughtful design, innovative apps, and that Spike Jonze film, she is currently wondering how many fitness tracker reviews it will take to get her fit. Current bet: 19.

Sophie has also written for a host of sites, including Metro, the Evening Standard, the Times, the Telegraph, Little White Lies, the Press Association and the Debrief.

She now works for Wired.

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