DokiWatch claims to be most advanced kid’s smartwatch

GPS and 3G enabled Android device hitting Kickstarter

3G enabled smartwatches for kids aren't a new thing. LG has a couple of models on the market and the likes of the Filip 2 and the SAFE Kids Paxie Band offer parents digital monitoring and fitness tracking.

But the DokiWatch, which is just about to land on Kickstarter, claims to be the world's most advanced device in this emerging genre. It certainly doesn't miss a trick on the feature list.

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It packs in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G connectivity allowing for calling features (including video calling thanks to the built-in camera), text and emoji messaging, smart location monitoring, geo-fencing and SOS alarms.

Parents are able to keep track and stay in touch with their little ones using the accompanying smartphone app.

On the fitness tracker side, the DokiWatch has a Tamagotchi-esque game to keep youngsters active. The DokiPet sets goals in order to motivate wearers to stay fit, offering badges and awards based on movement picked up by the accelerometer.

The watch itself runs a modded version of Android 4.4 and has a colour 1.22-inch touchscreen display.

"The idea for DokiWatch came to me while I was shopping with my nephew, Jeremy," explained Casper Chien, Founder and CEO of Doki Technologies. "One moment he's right next to me and the next moment he's nowhere to be found.

"I'm sure every parent can relate to that mini panic attack you get when your child goes missing. I realised there needs to be a device that can better help parents communicate and track their children conveniently and immediately.

The Kickstarter campaign begins on 4 January and you will be able to get a DokiWatch for $99. The regular price is set to be $179.99. There's no mention on specific data plans yet.

Kids trackers are becoming big business. A budget GPS watch for kids sold more in China than all of Samsung's wearables worldwide between July and September this year, according to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker report.

BBK, the Chinese electronics giant which makes Oppo and OnePlus phones, sold an estimated 700,000 units of the XTC Y01, a smartwatch for kids that costs ¥796.00 (about $125).


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  • hotmonday·

    That looks great and all, but how do they expect to use that price range with a device that seems more feature-packed than every smartwatch out now? 

  • mikefu123·

    Looks like a brilliant device. seems to have features that both kids and parents would want. Good balance. Most other kids smartwatches seem to be no more than just GPS trackers..

  • vikaskhaitan·


  • vikaskhaitan·

    would like to buy it. whats the process?

    • Yolanda·

      they got a kickstarter page 

  • 8200oceanview·

    Where can I buy it 

  • fan·

    That's great but why the accompanying application for smartphones is only for Android and iOS systems and NOT for Windows. This is a big con for me.

  • MyNameisHusein·

    Hey, I liked this watch, how can I buy it?

  • kas·

    Who is the carrier and what is the monthly charge?

  • Niayah·

    l love it

  • Mairinr·

    Funded this watch through Kickstarter and waited MONTHs to get it.. Finally got it and loved it for two weeks, until my 10-year-old daughter got caught in the rain with it and it broke. Sorry, but if you are marketing something for kids, you need to make it durable enough to keep up with their lives. If I'd been with her, I would have made her take it off, but unfortunately most kids aren't that responsible. Too bad, as it was a good product as long as conditions were optimal, but have learnt a lesson and not spending a ton of money on another one. All of my friends had been asking about the watch but now most of them are too scared to get it. Seriously, re-think your model if you want people to buy it for kids.

  • katawallner·

    It's a crap for a very high price. I bought two for my boys pledged on kickstarter. They were promised for May 2016, then they arrived 6 months later. The looks are good, but that's it. Can' t get them working and not getting proper support. Also they said it would be water resistant, and it is not. It's a fraud. 

  • pmuggler·

    Have you tested this watch? I don't think you have.

    I received the Doki watch today in the US (Nov 28, 2016) - 6 months after the delivery date.

    I followed the instructions to get it working.

    Two big problems:

    1) There is no QR code anywhere to be found and I can't get the iPhone app to work without this QR code.

    2) I have a pre-paid SIM from H2O. I cannot get past the "locating network" screen on the watch.

    At this moment I'm beyond disappointed with this watch.

    After emailing the support email contact I get the following reply:

    Due to the high volume of emails, we will respond within 5-7 days. We apologize for the delay in response.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.

    This is absolute garbage. $180 into the trash can.

  • gshlagor·

    I agree. Upon having it activated their help site was filled with very explicit porn. Have tried to get help from them and they send you in same circles. Have a no return policy even tho have had a professional try to work with it. Nothing but a gimmick. Was so upset my granddaughter was exposed to this

  • LinzTheAmazing·

    Anyone who is thinking about buying this.... DON'T!! I've had the watch for about a month now (after waiting 8 months) and it has been a paper weight. It has connected to the network twice (out of about 10+ times) after I unscrew and take out and put back the SIM card . However, it does not reconnect after the phone dies or needs to be powered down. It just searches and searches until it dies. I've sent multiple emails to the company over the past MONTH and have only gotten generic replies. The phone number listed for the company has an extra digit and is invalid! Save the hassle and just get something from a well established company with less bells and whistles.

  • larac·

    I bought four of them, one for each of my kids. If & when the watches connect to the network, it takes FOREVER & that's only when they are able to connect. By the time the watch is visible in the network my child would be long gone. What's the point? I want my money back as this has cost me a small fortune. As a single mother of four kids ages 10 & under I don't have time to chase the doki folks around for a refund. Took me over 6 months to get the darn things to begin with!

  • TVL2004·

    Don't bother buying this smartwatch, mine stop connecting to my carrier and emailing support never responded to my request for repair / replacement.  Poor support.

  • Sasa0606·

    DON'T BUY, the first day my son woar to school, he lost it straight away because the belt loop of the watch isn't secure, easily fall off hand, my son had to hand carry the watch all the time instead of wearing it. it also have the time problem too, does not show the correct time. I am so disappointed with the watch. both problems on the watch mean the watch is useless, can't see the correct time and the watch strap is not secure, i wanted to get refund. they replied my email said not refundable and suggested me to buy a additional band to secure the strap loop

  • MartinTerreni·

    OK, Since I only got the watch a couple of weeks ago, it seems they got much better since the rest of the comments here.

    Short verdict - I'm satisfied

    Long verdict - I'm only satisfied, not more.

    When having questions I got the answer within a couple of days at most and I felt the service was at more than acceptable level.

    I had very few issues with network connection. It had no less, no more connection issues than any smartphone would.

    The GPS tracking suites the price of the phone (which is about half of a sports GPS watch). It is not very accurate, however it is good enough. The main problem is that it has little GPS reception inside a vehicle and poor refresh rate.

    As far as I could understand the watch can not initiate video calls, only voice calls. Only the phone calling can initiate video calls.

    Weirdly enough the admin was not added to the phone book, I had to add my self manually. Also there is no option to change the order of the phone book, you have to rewrite it all.

    At first I thought of maybe buying a cheap Chinese kids watch for less than half the price, but my conception was that if I'm thinking about my kid safety I should buy a high quality one. Right now I have my doubts weather it was a correct assumption, but I haven't tried the other option so I can't compare.