DokiWatch claims to be most advanced kid’s smartwatch

GPS and 3G enabled Android device hitting Kickstarter
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3G enabled smartwatches for kids aren't a new thing. LG has a couple of models on the market and the likes of the Filip 2 and the SAFE Kids Paxie Band offer parents digital monitoring and fitness tracking.

But the DokiWatch, which is just about to land on Kickstarter, claims to be the world's most advanced device in this emerging genre. It certainly doesn't miss a trick on the feature list.

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It packs in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G connectivity allowing for calling features (including video calling thanks to the built-in camera), text and emoji messaging, smart location monitoring, geo-fencing and SOS alarms.

Parents are able to keep track and stay in touch with their little ones using the accompanying smartphone app.

On the fitness tracker side, the DokiWatch has a Tamagotchi-esque game to keep youngsters active. The DokiPet sets goals in order to motivate wearers to stay fit, offering badges and awards based on movement picked up by the accelerometer.

The watch itself runs a modded version of Android 4.4 and has a colour 1.22-inch touchscreen display.

"The idea for DokiWatch came to me while I was shopping with my nephew, Jeremy," explained Casper Chien, Founder and CEO of Doki Technologies. "One moment he's right next to me and the next moment he's nowhere to be found.

"I'm sure every parent can relate to that mini panic attack you get when your child goes missing. I realised there needs to be a device that can better help parents communicate and track their children conveniently and immediately.

The Kickstarter campaign begins on 4 January and you will be able to get a DokiWatch for $99. The regular price is set to be $179.99. There's no mention on specific data plans yet.

Kids trackers are becoming big business. A budget GPS watch for kids sold more in China than all of Samsung's wearables worldwide between July and September this year, according to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker report.

BBK, the Chinese electronics giant which makes Oppo and OnePlus phones, sold an estimated 700,000 units of the XTC Y01, a smartwatch for kids that costs ¥796.00 (about ).


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