Apple debuts flurry of colorful new Apple Watch bands for spring

Spring time for Apple
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It's spring! The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and Apple has just announced a new batch of colorful Apple Watch bands for a sunnier, less gloomy time.

In addition to new colors, the Nike sport bands, which were exclusive to the Apple Watch Nike+ edition, are now available to purchase separately. So if you wanted a lighter sport band but didn't want to buy an entirely new Apple Watch to get it, you're in luck.

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The Woven Nylon bands are also getting a new style with multiple stripes. Those will be available in berry, Tahoe blue, orange, red pollen and midnight blue. The traditional sport band will get three more colors: Pebble, Azure and Camellia.

Classic Buckles are getting a bit of a redesign, with a larger new buckle that's more of a rounded square. The previous buckle on the band was more of a thin, rounded rectangular shape. They're available in the traditional classic buckle colors, like black and midnight blue, but are also now available in sapphire, berry and taupe.

Apple debuts flurry of colorful new Apple Watch bands for spring

And finally, the high-end Hermes bands are also getting a refresh. New bands include the 38mm double tour in Bleu Zephyr Epsom leather, 38mm double buckle cuff in Fauve Barenia leather, 42mm Single Tour in Lime Epsom leather, and 42mm Single Tour in Colvert Swift leather. Additionally, you can now buy an Apple Watch Series 2 with the 38mm double buckle cuff in Fauve Barenia.

All of the new bands are available to purchase right now on Apple. The sport, woven nylon and Nike sport bands cost , the Classic Buckles cost and the Hermès bands begin at and end at .

Apple debuts flurry of colorful new Apple Watch bands for spring


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