Microsoft Band 2 tears it up with new tougher strap

Redmond quietly beefs up the durability of its rubber

There's been a raft of complaints about the Microsoft Band 2's rubber band tearing or splitting, but it seems as if the tech giant has improved the durability without making a fuss about it.

According to Windows Supersite, new batches of Band 2 trackers come with better, thicker materials.

The report purports that employees dealing with the exchange of torn bands "have mentioned that there's a special lot number that has been fortified with either new or thicker material."

Secret sauce indeed.

While this story is definitely one we'd consider minor, we thought it best to bring it to you dear readers, as we've received a bunch of emails and comments about wear and tear on Band 2 straps.

So, if you're in that boat and you need a replacement, make sure you ask about the new toughened version - apparently from lot 16.

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Microsoft is slowly but surely making the Band 2 a better and better choice. The latest Microsoft Health update lets Android users use Cortana, its virtual assistant, with the second-gen tracker.

Microsoft officially lifted the lid on the new Microsoft Band 2 fitness trackerat its Windows 10 Devices event back in October 2015. The Band 2 boasts an updated design, curved AMOLED screen and additional sporty features.

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Wareable may get a commission


  • jiminky says:

    Mine cracked this morning.  I was going to get a replacement, but the MS rep at the Kiosk said they were discontinued and wouldn't be getting more from MS.

    Too bad, I really liked the band.

    • Ewigleben says:

      Call MS customer support.  They handled it with no problems.  I mailed it back and had a new one within a week.  It took a week, which is not ideal, but they replaced it without incident.  They know it was a manufacturing defect and they are trying to make it right.  

      • Moskaluk says:

        Same problem (after 3 months of use) sent it in for replacement or repair. Got it back in a week and was told that my request was rejected note said  "Damage by external cause." 

        So it looks like Microsoft is no longer fixing this obvious design flaw. If your band splits, there's a good chance it won't be replaced. It was a nice device too bad it can't be worn.

  • PaladinKing says:

    I had bought a first Band 2 with lot number 1614 that cracked 3/4" from the screen. Microsoft replaced it promptly and my new lot number is 2316. Material looks actually thinner but more flexible. Only time will tell.

    I most certainly won't buy a MS wearable again if it tears a second time. It tells us a lot on MS quality control and manufacturing processes in China...

    For a picture of both bands (older model and the newer I received) :

    • gsfisher13 says:

      Any problems with your band from lot number 2316 so far?  Your picture link is no longer functional.  Can you repost the side by side picture?

  • kenneth2001 says:

    Wow.  I bought the band 2 when it came out in Feb or so of 2016.  The strap cracked at the exact same spot about 1/2-3/4" left of the screen.  It's where that "hard" part inside the strap ends and the soft rubber begins.  To me, this is a serious design flaw.  That hard inner part is really the culprit to putting un-needed pressure on the rubber strap as it starts to curve.

    Within 4 weeks, I was back at my local MS store, got a replacement.

    In 2 more months, I went back to my MS store, it was closed, permanently.  Drove to KC, MO.  Went to their store, got a replacement.

    Here I am again, today with another flippin cracked strap, same exact spot.  All Microsoft offers is a "Replacement" device.  Interestingly enough, my original warranty and the extended warranty that I bought keep getting burned.  I think it is completely unfair for Microsoft to not "re-start the clock" on a warranty, for a device that obviously has a serious design flaw.  What happens when my warranty runs out and it cracks again?  Nothing.  I'll be on my own.

    This will most likely be the last MS product I buy.  I just sold my Lumia 950XL recently as well.  Now I think I'll get my replacement band, and sell it too.

  • Greencell2002 says:

    on the phone with MS now, i bought mine on pre order from ms store, have had three replaced in the last 12months going for bumber four and told my warranty expires in 24 days, they will extended it to 90days to cover the new band, but where does that leave me after the 90 days? as i know that in 3-4 months i will need another one and it will be out of warranty then...

    Hoping for a refund now and look to another product that will last.

    • Berntley says:

      Any luck on that refund? My second band is also my second to split from regular daily use. The problem is, I bought my first one on Amazon while it was on discount. Then I replaced it by going to my local Microsoft store. I'd like a refund that I can put toward an Apple Watch instead. Not really my first choice, but at least if the strap breaks, I can just replace it, instead of the whole device.

  • fireguy says:

    I had a micro soft band

    the band fell apart.

    I bought a micro soft band 2

    the band cracked,

    micro soft replaced it with another micro soft band 2.

    it cracked.

    i had it a total of 1 year 2 days.

    yep you guessed it..

    will not replace it.

    they will replace it for more money than i paid for it.

    after going round and round with support

    i was told to buy the NEW MB3

    yea ill do that   

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