Withings' new Steel HR Sapphire Signature comes in three colors

The Steel line receives another twist
Withings reveals Steel HR Sapphire Signature
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Adding to its range of Steel hybrid smartwatches, Withings has revealed the special edition Steel HR Sapphire Signature.

The watch becomes the second new spin-off in the Steel line since the company was re-bought from Nokia, following on from the impressive Steel HR Sport. It also joins the new range of Move hybrids unveiled in January.

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What's different, exactly, with the Sapphire Signature? Well, in fairness, not much, but the French company has added sapphire glass to the face - something that's not usually a fixture on smartwatches. It'll come in three different styles, too, as shown below.

Withings unveils special edition hybrid smartwatch, the Steel HR Sapphire Signature

There's the black face with a slate grey case and black leather band, the white face with a rose gold casing and red leather band, and the blue face featuring a silver bezel and brown leather band. The black model will offer a 40mm case, while the other two will be a smaller fit, coming in at 36mm. However, no matter what your preference is, all will set you back $299.95.

And, as you might expect, you'll get much of the same features as on the other Steel devices. Heart monitoring, activity and sleep tracking, notifications and a 25-day battery life are all in tow here, with the watch naturally able to connect to either an iOS or Android device.

All variations are available to buy now from Withings, though how long they'll stick around for, as they're a special edition, isn't known.

Withings unveils special edition hybrid smartwatch, the Steel HR Sapphire Signature