Wave is a hybrid smartwatch that comes with its own concierge service

Stylish hybrid promises to get you into fully booked restaurants and exclusive parties
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A lot of smartwatches share features from heart rate monitors to smart assistants. Boutique designer Larsson & Jennings has come up one that it thinks will help its hybrid smartwatch stand out from the crowd.

The Wave features a dedicated button to call a 24-hour subscription concierge service, which can sort out all manner of issues for their discerning clients. Larsson & Jennings says that the concierge could get you into popular restaurants "even when they're fully booked", as well as access to members' events and parties and more.

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Aside from the attention-grabbing concierge, the 40mm hybrid looks like an attractive watch without any form of display or touchscreen, and will be available in gold, rose gold, silver and black options.

It also boasts notification support and fitness tracking features with progress viewable on the sub-dial. There's physical buttons for controlling music playback and you can also remotely control the camera on your smartphone.

Wave is a hybrid smartwatch that comes with its own concierge service

The idea of a concierge inside of a smartwatch clearly has appeal it seems. Wave has already smashed through its crowdfunding target of £20,000 on Kickstarter. The plan is to start shipping the watches to backers in March 2020.

If you're still interested, you can can secure a watch for £159. If you're willing to stump up £299, you'll get the watch and six months of membership to the concierge service.

That concierge service, meanwhile, works out to £420 a year if you want to get the complete experience. It all sounds very promising, but we'll reserve judgement if the watch makes it out on time and the service works as effortlessly as it all sounds.

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