Ressence Type 2 is a minimalist hybrid concept with solar and kinetic powers

Stay tuned for the full release later this year
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Despite most hybrid smartwatches hiding activity tracking under the hood, a new watch concept is looking to simply use modern technology to switch things up.

The Type 2 e-Crown Concept from Ressence doesn't fall under the usual standards of hybrids and will act as a standard mechanical timepiece that only syncs with a smartphone to help set the correct time.

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The device has been co-designed by Nest co-founder Tony Fadell, with the electronic element of the watch placed between the mechanical movement and display disk. Initially, users will have to manually set up the watch, then afterwards the system will self-adjust based upon different timezones and daylight savings through the iOS companion app.

In order to stay charged up, the watch harnesses solar and kinetic energy, and will automatically open up shutters that solar cells sit beneath when running below 50% battery.

Naturally, as you may have picked up from the 'concept' moniker, this isn't yet a device that you're able to buy and strap on your wrist. At this stage, it's all about demonstrating a different kind of hybrid smartwatch technology. But for those interested in the minimalist smarts of the Type 2, a full version is in the works for later this year.

And if it does indeed end up seeing the light of day, don't expect it to be the last watch to use smart tech in a more stripped back fashion. While we've grown accustomed to a certain standard for smart analogue watches, this concept could prove there's a place for hybrids that don't necessarily pack in a host of smart features.

Ressence Type 2 is a minimalist hybrid concept with solar and kinetic powers

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