Misfit's second hybrid smartwatch, the Command, is shipping this month

You can pre-order from today
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Misfit Command, the second hybrid smartwatch to come out of the company since it was bought by Fossil, is now up for pre-order, with shipping to start 28 November.

Like Misfit's other hybrid, the Phase, the Command has a traditional analogue watch face but offers notification alerts and handles basic activity tracking including steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled and sleep.

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The smartwatch is 44mm wide and 15mm thick, so it's a bit larger than the Phase. It also looks more like a traditional watch and now includes a sub-eye and more detailing; the Phase's face was pretty bare. The Command comes in four colors: black steel, black copper, navy blue and steel. You'll also be able to pair it with any standard 20mm strap beyond the included silicon or steel, depending on which you opt for.

The Command is waterproof to 50 meters and, more impressively, has a one-year battery life, claims Misfit.

Misfit's second hybrid smartwatch, the Command, is shipping this month

Where the Phase used a color wheel to tell you what type of notification you'd received, the Command uses its sub-eye to guide you in lieu of a digital display. For example, it'll point to the notification icon when you get a message, or to the calendar if you tap one of the side buttons to check the date (the hour and minute hands will move and point to the day's date using numbers on the face).

And speaking of those smarts, you'll be able to assign the lower button to perform functions like remotely controlling your phone's camera shutter, music playback, and remotely calling your phone for those moment you lose it down the back of the couch.

We got our hands on the Command back in August and noted how the Fossil DNA was more clear to see than in the Phase. The Command will start at $149.99 for the silicon, but expect to pay more for stainless steel. And if the Phase is more your tempo, Misfit told us it will continue to sell it alongside the Command; this isn't a replacement.

Misfit's second hybrid smartwatch, the Command, is shipping this month

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