The Michele Connected is a stylish, luxury hybrid smartwatch for women

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Smartwatches for women are finally on the agenda, but the options available are still small in comparison to what's on offer for men. The Michele Connected is the latest hybrid that's hoping it can help redress the balance.

The Connected features a 38mm stainless steel casing and comes in four color ways: two-tone silver with a white alligator strap, gold with a navy alligator strap, rose gold with a grey alligator strap, and black with a black alligator strip. You can swap out those straps for any other 18mm band of your choosing, Michele-made or otherwise.

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As for the technology packed inside, you've got both sleep and step tracking covered, music and volume controls, photo controls, and the ability to ring your phone should you lose it. These are of course all things we've seen in Fossil's other hybrid smartwatches, and can be assigned to the buttons on the side of the watch

You'll also get text, phone and app notifications via haptic vibrations and arm movements. You can have up to 12 preset notifications at a time, and works similar to the system on the Skagen Connected 2017.

You'll get from four to six months of battery life with the Michele Connected, so you've got the luxury no overnight charging. The Michele Connected is available right now for $495, so it definitely is one of the pricier Fossil smartwatches you'll be able to wrap around your wrist.

The Michele Connected is a stylish, luxury hybrid smartwatch for women

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