New Fossil Hybrid HR gives us first glimpse of the tech Google paid $40m for

The hybrid smartwatch is progressing to the next frontier
Fossil Hybrid HR shows what Google paid for
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After we exclusively revealed the details around the $40m deal between Fossil and Google earlier this year, we may now have our first glimpse at what the latter paid for.

That's after Fossil announced a new series of hybrid smartwatches - unimaginatively named the Hybrid HR collection - featuring all-new display technology.

Fossil told Wareable the launch of the Hybrid HR collection was a "commitment to more evolution to the hybrid category," after spending much of the last two years producing full-display Wear OS smartwatches for its host of partnered brands.


Previously, of course, Fossil hybrids had always possessed smart features hidden inside an analogue watch body. Now, though, that's changing, with the Hybrid HR collection offering an E Ink display sitting below mechanical watch hands.

This isn't Wear OS, obviously, but it does take the hybrid concept a step further than older models - and there's five different styles to choose between, three for men's Collider range and two for women, the Charter range.

Prices start at £195 for standard models of each range, with that stretching to £210 for the two variations with metal bands. They're also available now, if you head to Fossil.

What do you get on that new E Ink display? Well, the round screen will allow wearers to view the likes of notifications and weather updates, as well as activity metrics, such as heart rate, steps and calories.

Despite the addition of a display, Fossil also claims each of the Hybrid HR models will last around two weeks on a single charge, meaning features like sleep tracking are available, too.

New Fossil Hybrid HR gives us first glimpse of the tech Google paid $40m for

We got a first look at the Hybrid HR collection back at IFA in September (as shown off in the image up top), and though it's difficult to tell exactly how these devices would perform, the fact this is technology that matches what we believe Google paid for makes this especially intriguing.

For those who need catching up on the backstory, the $40m deal centred around what was known internally at Fossil as 'Project Diana' (an amalgamation of 'digital' and 'analogue'), while also including a team of Fossil engineers transferring to Google.

Crucially, there are variations of ‘Diana’, combining physical watch features with digital elements – some with screens, some without – which Google has the rights to use, should it build a watch of its own.

New Fossil Hybrid HR gives us first glimpse of the tech Google paid $40m for

This could mean we're in line to see similar tech to the E Ink display used in a future Google Pixel Watch, but, since there's the option to develop variations to this technology, it could also be paired with another Google acquisition - Fitbit.

Alternatively, Google could choose to sit on the technology. For now, we'll just have to speculate and continue dissecting the Hybrid HR collection.

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