Bellabeat Time puts stress tracking features inside of an elegant hybrid

Connected timepiece tracks meditation and menstrual cycles
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Bellabeat is launching its first smartwatch that channels all of the health and wellbeing features from its smart jewelry collection into a stylish piece of wristwear.

The Time is a hybrid smartwatch based on a quartz movement that's designed for women and aims to help track health and wellness around the clock.

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Available in silver or rose gold options, the stainless steel hybrid supports interchangeable straps to mix up the looks and has been slapped with a 3ATM (up to 30 metres) water resistance rating. Bellabeat says the watch has a hypoallergenic design, which means those with sensitive skin shouldn't have to worry about any issues with it sitting on the wrist. It also runs on a standard watch battery, giving you six months battery life.

Bellabeat Time puts stress tracking features inside of an elegant hybrid

Along with simply telling the time, the Time is able to offer smarts such as activity tracking and sleep tracking. It can also monitor your resistance to stress, which is calculated through Bellabeat's proprietary stress-predicting algorithms.

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It'll also send a vibrating buzz to your wrist when you've been inactive for long periods of time. The watch will additionally monitor meditation and menstrual cycles to offer a more comprehensive overview of your overall wellbeing.

Data is synced to the same Bellabeat companion smartphone app (iOS and Android) available for its Leaf and Leaf Chakra wearables. That means the offer of additional features, like guided meditation and breathing exercises.

The Time is on sale now for from Bellabeat's own website. It will also be available from retailers in the UK including John Lewis, Amazon and Selfridges.

We are big fans of Bellabeat and its wearables that offer innovative features wrapped up in beautifully made designs. It looks like we can expect more of the same from its very first smartwatch. Will a hybrid be more of a hit than its Leaf pendant? We hope to try one out in the not too distant future and find out.

Bellabeat Time puts stress tracking features inside of an elegant hybrid

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