Alpina releases Comtesse Horological hybrid smartwatch for women

Mixing sporty and stylish
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Luxury watchmaker Alpina has joined the Baselworld party, releasing the Comtesse Horological hybrid smartwatch for women.

The company will offer four models of the connected smartwatch, allowing users to track fitness, sleep and receive notifications for calls and emails. The new design again features a connected module created in collaboration with the MMT (Manufacture Modules Technologies) collective.

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As far as specs go for Alpina's latest entry, the watch will feature a 36mm fibreglass frame, while also packing a stainless steel undercase to resist water. With Alpina pushing hard to label this as a sporty watch, as well as a stylish one, the hybrid is also claimed to be lightweight and shock resistant.

The device will come in either white or black, with both offering either a gold or silver trim on the bezel, face and crown.

In terms of specific smart features, the activity tracking will keep tabs on your steps, calories burned and total distance, and wearing it through the night will help detail how much time you spent in deep and light sleep.

The watch also offers dynamic coaching, giving you tips and suggestions based on your activity and sleep goals. All of this can be viewed through the MMT-365 app, which is able to connect to the smartwatch through Bluetooth on both iOS and Android smartphones. There's no need for charging as the Comtesse will keep going for two years.

Of course, this isn't the only hybrid drop we've seen from Alpina in Basel, with the watchmaker also showing off the recently unveiled Seastrong Horological Smartwatch.

No details are currently available regarding price or a release date for the Comtesse collection, but we'll update this story as and when this all becomes clear.

Alpina releases Comtesse Horological hybrid smartwatch for women

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