Fuse's wearables cleverly solve the problem with wireless earbuds

CES 2017: Keep them charged, keep them safe
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Ashley Chloe didn't just come to CES 2017 to show off its new smart Fuse earbuds, but to demonstrate the canny method it's devised for keeping them charged and secure when not in use.

These involve attaching the earbuds to their adapter and then inserting them into something else, including two wearable devices. Once nestled inside the buds will not only charge, but be far less likely to get lost.

They are very tiny after all, and like Apple's AirPods will be incredible prone to getting dropped. Rather than just sticking them in a charging dock, like one of the solutions, there's a wristband and a pendant that can be used to hold and charge the buds when they're not in your ears.

Fuse's wearables cleverly solve the problem with wireless earbuds

The Fuse earbuds will play music and also include touch-sensitive controls for letting you speak to Siri or Google Assistant. They'll also work with an accompanying smartphone app.

Fuse's wearables cleverly solve the problem with wireless earbuds

In case you don't remember, Ashley Chloe is the company behind the Helix Cuff, a Kickstarted wristband that similarly holds wireless bluetooth earphones, although those ones are connected to one another. The company told us the new Fuse earbuds will run for around four hours before needing a recharge, and you can expect to get your hands on them towards the end of 2017, for a price of $199.

All hail the year of the hearables.

Fuse's wearables cleverly solve the problem with wireless earbuds

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