Kokoon makes its sleep-aiding headphones available to buy after a long wait

The headphones have been one of the most delayed crowdfunding products ever
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Kokoon, long synonymous with tales of crowdfunding caution after massive delays to the shipping of its sleep-aid headphones, has put those headphones on general sale at last.

The headphones attracted nearly $2 million in backing in 2015, but were plagued by delays and shipping issues - we'd know, having failed to ever actually receive the headphones we pledged cash towards. It's apparently shipped to 98% of backers, so we must be unlucky on that front.

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Back in 2017 we talked in detail to Kokoon about its plans to roll out the headphones more widely, but it looks like it's taken until now to realise that ambition.

Since the crowdfunding campaign, Kokoon has attracted more funding, and is now releasing the Relax Headphone, priced at .

The headphones are over-ear, and intended to be worn through the night. They layer multiple bands of soothing audio to help you get to sleep, comprising noise cancelling and white noise. They also pair with a companion app to track your sleep cycles.

That app also features guidance for better sleeping practices and advice that Kokoon says can be used as a form of cognitive behavioural therapy.


The headphones have flexible cushions that should mould to the wearer's head for comfort, and can be detached for cleaning and storage. EEG sensors in the headphones monitor motion, heart rate and the environment while you're wearing them, to build a picture of your sleep experience.

The Relax Headphone does also work as a pair of Bluetooth headphones, reassuringly, with a 40mm driver and active noise cancelling available for audio playback too. They come in black and white options, and have a 13-hour battery life to get through a night's sleep.

The headphones are available as of now and we'll be trying to get a pair to try out to see if they are good addition to the already crowded sleep tracking market.

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