Alex+ is back to tackle text neck

Second gen posture wearable to fix your form in just a few weeks
Alex+ is back to tackle text neck
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After successfully launching its first generation posture tracker last year, Alex is back again ready to solve your neck and back problems.

The Alex+ builds on the original by introducing a smaller and lighter design and the claim to help you develop the perfect posture in just 21 days.

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It still looks like a pair of neckband-style sports headphones resting above the ears and around the back of the neck with new adjustable legs for a better fit. The sensor case still sits at the back analysing posture 10 times per second to ensure it's capturing accurate data. When it realises you're slouching, it'll send a gentle buzz to remind you to fix your form.

The revamped iOS and Android companion app will still you set time windows when you'd like to improve posture and customise the frequency and intensity of the alerts. New features include a series of video guided exercise programs and access to Dr. Alex, your personal posture coach to help you keep on top of your posture goals.

The wearable is powered by a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor and is able to store up to 28 days worth of posture data. The onboard 120mAh battery delivers up to 10 days of tracking and charges up from flat in 3 hours.

Alex+ is up on Kickstarter chasing $30,000 with a minimum $49 pledge getting you the next gen tracker with shipping expected in July 2017. The first Alex raised over $120,000 through crowdfunding last year and launched on time so we'd fully expect the new model to hit its crowdfund and shipping target with no problem as well.

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