GoPro Fusion is a 360-degree action cam - now, tell us how much it costs

A spherical GoPro joins the fray
GoPro Fusion goes 360

Anyone asking what GoPro is going to do next: here's your answer. The GoPro Fusion is a 360-degree, spherical action camera that can capture stills and footage for VR as well as regular images and video.

The Fusion will get a limited release at the end of 2017 but GoPro is already taking applications from professional 'content creators' and brands who want to try it out this summer. So expect plenty more demo videos.

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One thing we don't know: how much it costs. This type of camera can range from just-about-affordable to cost-of-a-house-deposit ($30,000 or up to $60,000) so it's too tricky to even guess. And it looks like we won't find out till the launch. Google switched from Hero cameras to cheaper Yi 4K Action Cams for its Jump rig to save thousands of dollars.

GoPro's CEO Nick Woodman calls it "six GoPros fused into one" hence the cool name. And its specs should easily satisfy potential customers: it is capable of capturing 5.2K resolution video and with its new OverCapture software, you can film everything when you're out and about, then come home and "punch out" select HD images and angles from the hi-res, 360-degree video.

We don't have many more details right now on memory, durability, battery etc other than that it will be compatible with a "broad range" of GoPro mounts and accessories.

One thing's for sure: GoPro isn't abandoning its core fans, it looks to have found a way to sell to both people making films and experiences for VR and adrenaline junkies who don't want to miss anything.

GoPro Fusion is a 360-degree camera but we don't know how much it costs

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