1. What is Garmin Sleep Mode?
  2. Enable or disable Garmin Sleep Mode settings

Garmin Sleep Mode: What it is, how to enable it and which watches are compatible

Block out the interruptions with this dedicated mode for sleeping hours
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Sleep Mode may have popped up on the odd Garmin watch in the past, but it appears the feature is now rolling out to more models following a November software update. 

While we can't vouch for all recent Garmin models, we do know the device has popped up on our test device, the Forerunner 955 Solar, following the recent 13.22 software update - the same that enabled native running power.

As Garmin indicates through its support page for the Fenix 7, this has already been available on some more premium models, though it is also different from a much older iteration of Sleep Mode, which was essentially replaced by the advent of more in-depth sleep tracking.

Below, we'll be covering exactly what Garmin's Sleep Mode does, as well as how you can enable and disable its different values through your watch. When we have a more definitive idea of compatible devices, we'll also update this piece with a dedicated list.

What is Garmin Sleep Mode?

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Currently, this is a little difficult to pin down, as the feature appears differently on a Forerunner 955 Solar than it does on a Fenix 7. However, at the very least, Garmin Sleep Mode appears to be a tool to help you control the settings of your watch during sleep tracking. 

So, if you're noticing that your device is lighting up through accidental touch while you're trying to get some shut-eye, Sleep Mode should help rectify some of those kinds of issues.

On our Forerunner 955 Solar, we can't currently see an option to enable Sleep Mode automatically during specific times of the day, or turn off/on Battery Saver Mode as part of it, though we do know this has previously been possible on a Fenix 7. 

Either way, you can still tinker with the likes of screen brightness, watch face settings and Do Not Disturb mode, which we'll run through below. 

Enable or disable Garmin Sleep Mode settings

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As we say, not all of these functions are available when loading up your Sleep Mode settings. To get there on  your watch, however, follow these steps:

1. Hold the 'Menu' button until the list of options appears.

2. Scroll down to 'System' and then select 'Sleep Mode'

3. From here, enable, disable or change settings with the following options - Schedule, Watch Face, Backlight, Touch, Do Not Disturb and Battery Saver.


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